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The Pandorica Opens

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"OMG I can see my brain from here!"

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Feel like a Sir

(My new top hat for my cosplay!)

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The essence of Tumblr

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What a nice chorus.

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How to repair a poor figure.


have you ever thought about how weird mouths are they are a hole in our face

We are deep today

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I’m watching a Batman cartoon and it’s awesome. I’m laughing so hard. 

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I was with my friends on a train that would take us from Valencia to Barcelona, when the conductor said to one of us that if we wanted to have a coffee we could get off the train at Aldea because there would have been a break of thirty minutes.

Four of my friends and I left the bagpacks on the train and went to the bar of the station while the other four remained to our places.

After a while one of my friend returned from the bathroom and seraphically said:”Ehi, girls. The train there is no more”.

Reactions: G. and I were without words, C. was pale, with a croissant in one hand and a coffee in the other, and E. said angry:”Don’t be silly. It’s probably behind a column”.

We went out without paying (luckily G. is responsable and came back to the bar) and the binary was empty. 

And so we started laughing hysterically while everyone gazed us in a bad way.

Ca:”Keep calm! We have documents and money!”

E.:”The other guys texted me: they’re returning back”.

G.:”In Valencia?!”

E.:They don’t know”.

C.:”I have my cycle, headache, no absorbents and I still have this fucking croissant in the hand!”

Me:”We can get a new life! I’ll grew a mustaches and I’ll have an orange grove!”

We tried to talk with the man at the ticket counter but nobody understood anything for 15 minutes. But then, after a while, he said that the train would return.

So in one hour we discovered that they were repairing the train in another binary.

Moral of that story: never believe to the train conductors, even if they seems polite and cute!

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  • Friend: I'm eating chocolate.
  • Me: I'm eating potatoes and green beans.
  • Friend: Shame on you!
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  • Me: I bought the Spain guide.
  • Friend: Great! You're a dragon!
  • Me: Aww yeah!
  • Friend: You're Duffman!
  • Me: That's one of the nicest compliment I ever received.