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  • Friend: What are you doing?
  • Me: I'm having a Scrubs marathon. Lying in bed because of the belly pain.
  • Friend: I'm going to see you at your house for a coffee and a chat, ok?
  • Me: bad are the news?
  • Friend: Why do you say that?
  • Me: Every time you use that tone means that there are bad news.
  • Friend: On my way.
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  • Friend1: Do you remember her?
  • Friend2: OOFFFF COURSE! Why not?!
  • Friend1: What's her name?
  • Friend2: Why you have to be so conventional?! She's called with her name!
  • Friend1: Which is?
  • Friend2: She has the name of all the stars, she's the light of the sunset on the trembering sea, she's the beauty and she's the Nature.
  • Me: Is he drunk?
  • Friend1: As usual.
  • Me: He's fantastic.
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I was with my friends on a train that would take us from Valencia to Barcelona, when the conductor said to one of us that if we wanted to have a coffee we could get off the train at Aldea because there would have been a break of thirty minutes.

Four of my friends and I left the bagpacks on the train and went to the bar of the station while the other four remained to our places.

After a while one of my friend returned from the bathroom and seraphically said:”Ehi, girls. The train there is no more”.

Reactions: G. and I were without words, C. was pale, with a croissant in one hand and a coffee in the other, and E. said angry:”Don’t be silly. It’s probably behind a column”.

We went out without paying (luckily G. is responsable and came back to the bar) and the binary was empty. 

And so we started laughing hysterically while everyone gazed us in a bad way.

Ca:”Keep calm! We have documents and money!”

E.:”The other guys texted me: they’re returning back”.

G.:”In Valencia?!”

E.:They don’t know”.

C.:”I have my cycle, headache, no absorbents and I still have this fucking croissant in the hand!”

Me:”We can get a new life! I’ll grew a mustaches and I’ll have an orange grove!”

We tried to talk with the man at the ticket counter but nobody understood anything for 15 minutes. But then, after a while, he said that the train would return.

So in one hour we discovered that they were repairing the train in another binary.

Moral of that story: never believe to the train conductors, even if they seems polite and cute!

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Hello everybody! I’m in Barcellona, the last day! Sigh, tomorrow I’ll return in Italy. 

BTW here is wonderful and I’m having a lot of fun!

We had some problems with a train (a bloody funny/tragic problem) but now is everything ok.

I’ll narrate it when I’ll be back.

The last thing: welcome to all the new followers! 8D

See you, guys <3

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  • Friend of my parents: Do you have a boyfriend?
  • Me: Yes, but I pull him out of the wardrobe just for the important occasions.
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I want to go in Spain…I can’t wait till Wednesday

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I was to the sea with my friends and we were swimming when one of them started yelling that there were some pretty pink flowers in the water. We  approached to her peering around us watching for the flowers when we saw dozens pink little jellyfishes around us. We picked up our friend and we went out of the water screaming. When we asked her why she called the jellyfishes “flowers” she said:
"Are they jellyfishes?! They seems little pretty pink flowers! Maybe I should wear my glasses". 

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  • Mom: I don't like your sister's friends.
  • Me: I know them. They're idiots.
  • Mom: Instead your friends are boring.
  • Me: Well, this means that our plan is working.
  • Mom: What?
  • Me: Do you really think that the behaviour towards parents is the same towards friends? Or, even better, towards the friends' parents? In that case we are great actors.
  • Mom: ...
  • Dad: ...snap!
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  • Friend: And in that cartoon blablablablabla
  • Me: ahahahaaha
  • Friend: But it's funnier than as I tell it.
  • Me: Oh, thanks God.
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This afternoon I’m going to have with some friends:

  • Sherlock (first series) marathon
  • Doctor who (first series), some episodes
  • Pizza party
  • Risiko marathon 
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  • Mum: This evening we will go out.
  • Me: Sorry mum, I'm tired. I really can't...
  • Ten minutes after.
  • Friend: This evening PUB. Are you---
  • Me: On my way.
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  • Friend: I like the barman!
  • Me: Yes, he's sexy!
  • Friend: Sorry, repeat! I don't understand.
  • Me: The barman is sexy!
  • Friend: What?
  • [Music stops]
  • Friends: ...
  • Barman: ...
  • Everyone in the PUB: ...
  • Me: ...
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  • During a dinner
  • Friend 1: I hate cutting pizza.
  • Friend 2: It's an hard work.
  • Friend 1: Think: when we will be mothers we'll have to cut pizzas to our children.
  • Friend 2: We'll also have to clean their asses.
  • Friend 1: We are eating!
  • Friend 2: We'll have to clean their fundaments.
  • Me: What a great exemple of etiquette you are.
  • What the other people think: MOVIDA! DISCO AND ALCOHOL!
  • What my friends and I think: GASTRONOMIC TOUR!
  • Me: Ok, I'll study philosophy this evening.
  • Friend: This evening we will go out.
  • Me: ...fuck that shit. On my way!