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Interview on ‘Daytime Live’


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"So, he’s the best to me, the best friend a man’s ever had. I mean personally."

-J.Brett on E.Hardwicke

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"I think it was just three o’clock in the morning when I realized  that I had lost my best friend."


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:D look what my best friend took from Venice for me.

It’s awesome! I’ll spend the rest of my life wearing it XD

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  • Me: Are you crazy?
  • Best friend: anfinuxhstgeost
  • Me: D: WHAT?! How do you know Tumblr/fangirls language?!
  • Best friend: I know everything
  • Me: Shit!
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  • Me: I'm writing Angst on my fandom. Poor my OTP.
  • Best friend: ...WTF?! What is that?! A coded message?! Are you from FBI or something like that?!
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  • Friend: I was thinking...
  • Me: Oh, Jesus...
  • Friend: Shut up. I was thinking that if we love old men - from 35 to 60 years - is not a bad thing.
  • Me: I never said that it's a bad thing.
  • Friend: Normal people think it's bad.
  • Me: So?
  • Friend: So there is a reason if we love old men: they are mature and they know what they have to do! They're not insicure like boys!
  • Me: are saying that we are so insicure that we need a strong men to guide and protect us, aren't you?
  • Friend: Good analysis.
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: ...and because wrinkles are sexy.
  • Friend: Also graying hair.
  • Best friend: Oh God, you are insane!
  • Me: Sigh, I just ate too much.
  • Best Male Friend: So?
  • Me: I regret it.
  • BMF: Are you crazy?! You are perfect and beautiful as you are and you can eat what you want !
  • Me: ...
  • BMF: what?
  • Me: *hugs* I love you...
  • Best Male Friend: Hi, Cate Conan Doyle!
  • Me: ...Cate Conan Doyle?!
  • BMF: Yes! You're obsessed by Sherlock Holmes!
  • Me: ...yes, well, it sounds good...
  • BMF: Yesterday I ate 3 kebabs in fifteen minutes.
  • Me: What?! Why?! You were really hungry!
  • BMF: No, I wasn't.
  • Me: So why did you do that?
  • BMF: I don't know. I regret it even now.
  • Me: ...I'm depressed.
  • Best friend: Why?
  • Me: I just finished to read a book.
  • Best friend: Was it beautiful?
  • Me: That's not the question.
  • Best friend: ...?
  • Me: The writer transforms my literary hero into a monster! Not a vampire or something like that. A moral monster! And in this book he was crazy! A crazy murderer! I have tought all the night and I am still upset. Not because the action but because he's my hero and...and...I cried a lot.
  • Best friend: are mad.
  • Me: I need a hug..
  • Best friend: *hugs*
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I hope my best friend will destroy my computer when I die

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  • Me: John Nettles.
  • Best friend: Old and fat.
  • Me: Hugh Laurie.
  • Best friend: Old.
  • Me: Benedict Cumberbatch.
  • Best friend: He seems Peter Pan and a hammerhead shark.
  • Me: Jeremy Brett.
  • Best friend: He's dead and had ears like an elf.
  • Me: Gerald Durrell.
  • Best friend: Dead.
  • Me: No, thanks a lot! You destroied all my platonic lovers! Now it's my turn.
  • Best friend: You know that I have only one...ok, Bear Grylls.
  • Me: He eats bugs, drinks pee and Discovery fired him.
  • Best friend: But he's young, sexy and ALIVE!
  • Me: ...our friendship is ended.
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My best friend defends me from everyone. I just love him.

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  • Me: I read that today is "Best Friend's day". I don't know if it's true but "<3"
  • Friend: Really? Wow! Ok, I have to look for my best friend and say which I love her! See you later!
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: lololololololol Joking
  • Me: ...GTFO! *runs away crying*