Well, Edward’s a very, very remarkable man…one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. And he wanted to fit in. So he watched the previous thirteen films (and) decided to try and look a little like David Burke, as much as he could, bless him. So he put on a rug, I mean a toupee, and, umm - and put lifts in his heels. And the first film we shot together was "The Abbey Grange". And we were running across a field, and he, he…these heels were too high so he was slipping and sliding. And I said, ‘Oh, Edward, take them out! I’ll bend my knees for the rest of the film!’

Jeremy Brett on Edward Hardwicke 

I’m laughing so hard…

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"I’m not a very physical person, really, I used to think it would do me a great deal of good to lift weights, but I gave it up when my neck started getting bigger than my head."



"And I discovered all sorts of things that I could do if I had had the opportunity to do it. So I said ‘yes!’, with enormous temerity, and a certain amount of fear, and an element of excitement. We approached the scripts. I said, ‘But you’ve asked me to do Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes. These aren’t Sherlock Holmes - Doyle’s stories.’ I mean, the adapters had gone so far away. And the script editor said, ‘Jeremy, you’re here to act. Just get on with it’. And I tipped the table over and my Dover sole landed in his lap. And that was the beginning of the tousle. I used to take the whole canon with me to…the beginning of each film, and fight for Doyle. After about a year and a half I said, ‘Listen, if you don’t start taking care of me I may lose interest’, because it was such a tussle. But than Granada Studios stepped in and were so remarkable and wonderful and gave me two weeks rehearsal instead of the one. So the first week I could fight for Doyle and the second week I could work with my fellow actors. And that’s basically how it’s been ever since."

Jeremy Brett

I love him for this and other reasons.

Edward is even more remarkable. I’ll give you an example. You can publish it or not, it makes no difference to me. When I came out of the asylum, the person who collected me was Edward Hardwicke. He took me to an Italian restaurant. I had a pasta and a glass of red wine. He then drove me back to my home where we sat and had a cup of tea. It was Edward Hardwicke. He is one of the loveliest people, and I suppose he is the best friend that any man has ever had….in life. Which is after all how Doyle describes Watson.



Look at his expression. 

My God, how is possible that he was so…so…


The Crooked Man

A man who can kill you with a smile.


The pulsing vein on his forehead.

"The last time we finished filming together, I went down to the same train and waved goodbye to him. That was absolutely devastating. I don’t know how I got back to the hotel. I thought ‘What are we going to do now?’ I was so proud of him for going back to his son. There would be more happy marriages if fathers went back to their children. His son was only two at the time."

Jeremy Brett on David Burke



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jealous of a finger….


Well, hello sir.